SP1 “slipstreamed” copy of Win2003

Copy all of the Win2003 installation files from a CD’s i386
folder to a local folder, such as C:\Win2003\i386. Extract the
SP1 files by running the SP1 executable with the /x switch. Be
sure to extract these to a unique folder, like C:\Win2003SP1.
Finally, go into the SP1 update files (in, say,
C:\Win2003SP1\i386\update) and run update.exe -s:C:\Win2003.
This will slipstream whatever’s in C:\Win2003\i386. Be sure not
to specify the i386 subfolder in the /s switch, or you’ll wind
up with C:\Win2003\i386\i386, which won’t work.
You can perform installations right from there, if you want, or
you can burn a CD from those files.
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