Windows XP on an Dell Precision Workstation 390

When you like to install a fresh setup of Windows XP onto an Dell Precision Workstation 390 with one SATA HDD, you maybe get into trouble. Why? Because Windows XP highly possible will tell you that there are no hard disk drives available. Also adding drivers via F6 at startup of the Setup don’t help.

Resolution? Change the following BIOS settings:

Change the Drives – SATA Operation option from ‘RAID Autodetect / AHCI’ (Factory default) to ‘RAID Autodetect / ATA’.

After that change, Windows XP setup works fine.

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3 Responses to Windows XP on an Dell Precision Workstation 390

  1. Dan Feather says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this VITAL piece of infomation. I still marvel at how sometimes the simplest little thing can make all the difference in the world. I then have to ask, “Why is this kind of information so hard to find in the first place?” . . . We struggled with a trojan-infected computer for days, and finally decided the only solution was to re-install XP (well, that’s the first try; it might need a hard drive wipe and clean install — that remains to be seen). Anyway, the bottom line is that now — thanks to your post — I am watching the progress bars as the XP installer does its thing. If only this were mentioned by Dell (whose CD I am using for the install!!!). Geez!

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  3. Erwin Moller says:

    Same here. Thank you.

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