Windows 7 vs. Windows XP + VHDMount (Disk size and compressed disks problems)

There is the new and great tool out now with the name Disk2vhd which let you virtualize a physical HDD into an Microsoft VHD file. But there are some pitfalls which I experienced.

Host OS: Windows 7 Enterprise

1.) Disk2vhd (Version 1.2.1) didn’t alert me that my USB drive was not big enough for the convert process until it was nearly done (Source: nearly 80 GByte, Target: nearly 80 Gbyte)! 2 hours lost…

2.) I compressed that Target HDD and the convert process went through but when I wanted to use the shinny built in VHD mount tool within of Windows 7, I got that error:



I was shocked, did I lost 2 hours again?

But the good old Windows XP with the VHDMount from Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 helped me out. No problems with VHD file onto a compressed NTFS disk.

So why the shinny new Windows 7 cannot handle VHD files onto compressed disks?

Maybe something for Windows 7 Service Pack 1! 🙂

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