Eye Health vs. Working With Computer Screens

Didn’t you have/had sometimes red/dry/strain eyes after a +8 hours computer working day? Maybe at that times you rarely had time to relax your eyes with looking out of a window or doing a short walk around the block.

Based on some manufacturer of glasses (or some studies they made), all computer workers are in danger to get serious eye problems!

So what are their solutions?

They offer special computer glasses for daily work:

Gunnar OPTIKS Eyewear (approx. 100 €)

PRiSMA Innovative Eyewear (approx. 80 €)

Recently I read about the Gunnar glasses in a computer magazine (c’t) and they mentioned that maybe tinted glasses help too.

So here are two glasses that I am currently testing:

3M 2842 Comfort (approx. 10 €)

Bollé Safety – Mamba (approx. 20 €)

Firstly, I can tell you that it is not so easy to work with glasses in general (long time usage) if you didn’t wear glasses already before (pinching on the nose). Rule: So much lighter (weight) the better!

Secondary, if your room is brightly and you wear industrial glasses like I currently test , maybe you will get some eye mirror problems (you see your eyes on the inside of your glasses) which is not helpful and nerves too. Rule: Don’t buy the cheapest glasses!

So finally, I will test further (maybe also a Gunnar one) and see if it helps me or not.

But something we should never forget:

Relax your eyes often at your daily work or at home with doing something different than starring onto the computer screen or TV all the time. Smile

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