Lync 2010 – communicator.exe /fromrunkey

Maybe some employees don’t want to startup the Lync 2010 client at boot up. So they uncheck the following checkbox:


Normally this is no big deal, but at some conditions (both, Windows XP and 7 systems effected – don’t know why for now!!!) this don’t work with every installation. A problem can occur that the communicator.exe process ‘wants’ to start twice at boot up which causes explorer.exe interferences resp. a flicking screen (the communicator.exe instances startup/kills each other somehow). Only a kill of the explorer.exe and the communicator.exe instances help out (until a restart…).

But if you delete the string value Communicator below HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, Lync sets it back at every startup (the installer starts and checks the registry settings).

So what now?:

Firstly I checked the Antivirus Solution, but I couldn’t reproduce it onto an other similar system.

Then I tried the latest Lync 2010 April 2011 Update (4.0.7577.275):


But this didn’t helped either.

Finally, the deletion of the value data “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync\communicator.exe” /fromrunkey of the string value Communicator (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run) helped out.

REM: Too bad, I don’t know what the /fromrunkey switch means for now resp. didn’t found anything useful: Bing/Google etc. + Lync 2010 fromrunkey search via Technet


Here is the reason why it happened: PTIM.exe (part of the WebEx Productivity Tools from WebEx) causes the problems resp. when you kill PTIM.exe everything is fine again. So a uninstall of the WebEx Productivity Tools helps out.

It is only strange that PTIM.exe makes the stress when someone >>>deactivates<<< Lync at boot up…


I researched and found out that PTIM.exe is responsible for the IM integration of WebEx (


And because the PTIM.exe Version 2.1.1115 that I use ‘don’t know’ OCS/Lync (too new!?), it makes trouble.

So this finally helps out (uncheck the IM integration of the WebEx productivity tools):


Too bad that it is checked by default…

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5 Responses to Lync 2010 – communicator.exe /fromrunkey

  1. Abdul says:

    Thanks for posting this, the problem where Lync continually restarts at logon time and interferes with the PC has been bugging me for several weeks. I tried to prevent Lync client from running at startup using msconfig, but as you write, the installer puts it back in the registry again! I’ve uninstalled the Webex tools from my PC and it’s now starting up OK.

  2. Purity says:

    Why not use the PreventRun registry key for Lync 2010?

    Computer Level:

    Value = 1

    User Level:

    Value = 1

  3. Lori says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve been experiencing this issue with Communicator for MONTHS (we have not upgraded to Lync yet). I had forgotten that I even had the WebEx Productivity Tools installed because they didn’t work! So, a simple uninstall was painless. Thank you!

  4. EdD says:

    The reason that Lync repairs itself is due to the default shortcut when installed. It runs an MSI repair. If you delete the shortcut and remake one straight to Communicator.exe, it won’t run the repair each time and the Run key value remains as you set it (or doesn’t return if you’ve deleted it).

  5. mleffler says:

    Wow! Thank you SO much. This was plaguing me about every other time I booted up. My IT group couldn’t even figure out what I was talking about. I did realize it was Lync-related but didnt suspect it was the interaction w/WebEx. Not surprising thought, it is broken in many respects. I do use it to help in scheduling meetings from within outlook so I need to keep it for now. Thanks again!

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