Beyond Google Reader

Google Reader ends today and you need to switch to an other Cloud RSS service.

So what can (should) you do?

1.) Download your RSS data through Takeout:


2.) Save ALL your data with this Python tool called ‘Reader is Dead’ to backup everything you have/had within your Google Reader account:

Reader is Dead

So now you backed up your data, what now?

There are several RSS Cloud alternatives out there but I looked only onto the ones with good ‘backbones’ resp. they will highly possible survive the current RSS rush.

Here are my findings:

I tested AOL, Digg and Feedly and I need to say that each of them are worth trying.

AOL and Digg are still in BETA and it’s a shame that they didn’t brought up the final setup/versions before Google Reader ends because users who switched once from one RSS Cloud service to an other will highly possible don’t do it often again….

So how is the current status of each service (1st July 2013):

AOL Reader (BETA)

Pro: As a web app it supports responsive webdesign and looks good, have Tags support , keyboard shortcuts and you are able to share your posts to external social platforms:


Contra: No Feed Search, advertisements on the right pane, no native iOS/Android Apps and you can’t export your data.

Digg Reader (BETA)

Pro: iOS 6 App available, keyboard shortcuts, supports Read Later services:


Contra: No Feed Search, don’t support every web browser/platform, no Android App, no Tags, no export, you can only share to Facebook and Twitter


Pro: native apps and extensions for several platforms/browsers, Tags, keyboard shortcuts, basic export capabilities, sharing to many social platforms,


Contra: No Feed Search

Out of this three Google Reader alternatives, Feedly is the fully matured one but still lack in Feed search and that was THE FEATURE of the Google Reader…

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