Dell Latitude E7440 – Using a MSATA SSD in the MSATA WWAN Port = Yes, you can!

I asked myself if a MSATA SSD could be used within the MSATA WWAN port as the boot HDD so that I can use a second HDD within the SATA slot. And yes, this works (the Dell Tier 1 Support (via phone) confirmed it too)!




Remark: The SATA HDD height shouldn’t be more than 7mm!

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5 Responses to Dell Latitude E7440 – Using a MSATA SSD in the MSATA WWAN Port = Yes, you can!

  1. Masoud Mohamed says:

    Is it possible to leave the current MSATA SSD as shown in the 1st picture and add another MSATA SSD in the MSATA WWAN port to be used as secondary HDD for additional data storage?

  2. Geo says:

    I have the same laptop and have always wondered if I coud use that open MSATA WWAN port for something. Now I did try to pop a standard mech drive I had lying around just to see if it would work with the original MSATA drive in the spare port in an attempt to uses the MSATA as a boot drive which didnt work. In this posts first picture directly under the top most part of the red arrow there is an amber ribbon cable that simply will not lay flat. So with that in mind how exactly did you manage to fit another HDD in there? Are both your drives MSATA drives or a combo of SSD in one slot and MSATA in the WWAN slot? If the latter is the case how did you manage to securely mount and SSD in the HDD bay? A picture of the drives after you installed them would definitely help this informative post. I also called Dell and they told me that the WWAN port would not support an aditional MSATA drive as storage, boot, or cash. I would jump at the ability to add another drive to this IMO already awsome laptop but not until I know for sure. Thank you

    • tomtomic says:

      Firstly use a slim HDD (7mm thin) and cut a temperature resitstant plastic plate in size of the hdd to isolate against the laptop cover. 2,5″ SSD drives are better here. A SSD/HDD is somehow securly mounted because there is not much space at all resp. the back cover plate of the laptop hold the HDD tight. I tested it today again and it works flawless.

  3. Seb says:

    I did this and it works great, only thing is I have to assign manually a drive letter as Windows won’t do it by itself on bootup. Kinda annoying but it still gives me around 256gb of super fast storage.

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